What Certain Beauty is This - Givenchy Pre-Fall 2010

>> Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I spoke to Prabal Gurung, one of my very favourite fashion designers, the other day for over an hour while he was getting coffee, sorting out his schedule, hailing cabs, having a "very New York day", as he put it. I was a little starstruck - OK, incredibly starstruck - and I am so worried that he now thinks I'm a total freak because when he very graciously told me at the end of our conversation that he hoped our paths would cross again one day, I, in a fit of nervous blubbering that always leads to an almost hysterical blurring of the lines between funny and freakish, blurted out that yes, I would be visiting New York in March and yes, I might just stalk him.

Yeah, I don't know. I'm still cringing about it two days later and will probably continue to do so for a while to come.

Nevertheless, I'll post the entire interview up shortly, as soon as I can think about that particular instance without turning red.

During our chat he told me about how he was introduced to Audrey Hepburn movies when he was very young, and how he fell in love with her, and with Givenchy.

60 years after Givenchy became inextricably linked to Audrey Hepburn and classic, understated style, little has changed at this fashion house, as the pre-fall collection lays testament to. The collection is full of looks like this one, hearbreaking in their simplicity.

Solid, clean lines, colours muted yet rich, ay dios mio! This is just heaven.

Architectural stylings add a bit of frivolity and the shoes, while not a colour I'd ever pick, shouldn't really match the outfit, but the look works somehow. Although there is no forgiving that model's hair.

I love the crisp box pleats on this skirt. I'd wear it with about a million different things.

My quiche is here, dinner awaits!


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