"She moved so fast, even the chandelier was moving with her"

>> Saturday, December 19, 2009

So said one of my favourite fashion designer bunnies Alber Elbaz of model Jamie Bochert in the new ad for Lanvin, shot by Steven Meisel.

How much do you love this ad? It's insane. Brings to mind a long, leggy, slightly off her rocker woman chasing after her lover in a convulsion of amorous rage. On the right she's back in her hotel room, throwing a fit and threatening to quit her job as lead singer in a famous all-girl band because her muse has left her for a man ;)

I once interviewed Marc Jacobs remotely and this ad reminds me of one of my favourite quotes from the interview, and by him - "Beautiful clothes mean nothing without a life to live them in." I love that the woman in this ad isn't frozen like in so many of the other ads at the moment. I can't wait to see this in magazines when it's first published in February 2010 - also the month I start receiving my first subscription to Vogue! Am quite excited about that.

On a side note, do you think Elbaz gets tired of people talking about him in nauseatingly cute little terms? You don't hear anyone calling Tom Ford a bunny, par exemple.

Ads for the menswear line have been shot by and feature my favourite photography couple ever, Vinoodh Matadin and Inez van Lamsweerde.

"To see him through the eyes of his wife and to see the love story between them - it's a very emotional campaign" says Elbaz. I agree! van Lamsweerde looks fierce, naked save for body paint and the image is totally in keeping with their photography (or their early photography, at the very least) - bold, eye catching and always trying to question the definition of beauty. For the longest time I though Matadin was of Indian ancestry because of his first name, though recently I've been inclined to think that he's all Dutch. Which is too bad, because it'd be nice to have an Indian claim to an artist like him.


late checkout

I was reviewing a new hotel that other day that had a women's only floor of suites, a nice touch, I think. I was meant to check out Sunday morning but I can never do things in a timely manner on Sundays, so I ended up watching TV on my bed for hours, all dressed up and ready to go.

I'm wearing my favourite cage heels that I bought at an Aldo in Houston in July this year for only $80. I love Aldo because they've always got bang on trend, comfortable shoes that are really cheap, which works great for me because India is anathema to my precious shoes - a couple of outings here and they've got marks on them, it can't be helped. I've got boxes of designer shoes that have yet to see the light of day because I'm too scared to wear them here! Aldo suits my quotidian needs just fine.


The One That Started it All

So here I am again - another day, another blog. I post my travel stories on Monyet On the Run, which is a lot of fun - but I spend so much time trawling through the Internet looking at pretty things that I figured it'd make sense to start a blog where I could put them all in one place. I'd also like a space where I can compile all the fashion news that has caught my fancy and write about all my designer fixations (I will always have soft spots for Nicholas Ghesquière and Christophe Decarnin). I'm not sure where this blog will take me, but I'm happy for it to lead the way!


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