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>> Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The net is ablaze with rumors that Sarah Jessica Parker might be taking on the role of creative director at iconic seventies fashion brand Halston (who gave now famous designer Naeem Khan his start). There are so many things wrong with this that it's making my head spin.

First of all, who on earth is Sarah Jessica Parker without a certain Ms. Field? If it wasn't for her incredibly stylings on Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw wouldn't be so much a fashion icon as much as just a whiny, horse-faced, flighty New York City jaded single woman - who, by the way, had nobody to blame but herself for it. Honestly, if you give someone like Aidan up for an ageing, overweight commitment-phobe like Mr. Big, you're not all there in my book.

And girl, please. If you really were all about the independence you'd have ended up with motorcycle guy who threw a fit over the Prada shirt which by the way looked fabulous on him I will give you that OR Aidan, the creative carpenter, was it? That had a house in the woods, was it? I don't remember. I never really saw past the disarming smile and ridiculously nice persona. NOT with Mr. Big because let's face it, you loved being whisked around in a limo and the fact that he said stuff like "I got it" when you were wondering if you could afford the apartment you were looking at together.

Anyway. Real life. Argument for Why Carrie Jessica Parker Shouldn't be Creative Director of Anything, Let Alone a Brand like Halston Number 1:

We all know what her style is like off the sets of SATC:

Just. No. I'm all for experimental fashion and while I can honestly say that I'd make no great haste to get to a Maison Martin Margiela sale, I appreciate the designer's uniqueness. And while indiviudalism is great especially the sartorial kind and hurrah for designers who fly the freak flag high and so on and on, there's just no excuse for cloven hoofed boots that literally look they a) have been shipped to you straight from the bowels of hell or b) pander to their owner's particularly fetishistic taste in well, pretty much everything.

Argument Number 2:

The last time an actress with a flagging career (yes, flagging. Have you seen the trailer for Did You Hear About the Morgans?) decided to install herself as Creative Director of a once-popular fashion brand, this is what happened:

Emanuel Ungaro S/S 10

Which isn't to say that this is any indication that it'll all go pasty-shaped for Parker, of course.

Which leads me to argument Number 3, being that we all know how successful she's been as a designer in the past with her Bitten line, which ended up in discount bins everywhere:



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