Who is Hakaan? London Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2010

>> Friday, February 19, 2010

So it's 11:30 at night here and I'm meant to be in bed so I can wake up early and go for a walk in a bid to lose some of this awful weight I've put on after my trip to Malaysia (all on my face, what do you know) but London Fashion Week is on as I type and I am so excited! It's nice to be excited about a fashion week, I feel like it's been ages since that's happened - I guess London will do that for you.

Anyway so I was in bed trying to fall asleep when my phone literally exploded with news about Hakaan, this new Turkish designer who's showing at London Fashion Week for the first time. Apparently Kate Moss was meant to be at the show, and Vogue editor exceptionelle Carine Roitfeld is rumoured to have bought up his entire collection; it's odd I was just looking at the schedule and saw that Central Saint Martin's is showing tomorrow which made me wonder if there were going to be any collections that were bought in its entirety, like Isabella Blow did with Alexander McQueen all those years ago.

Anyway so no pictures at the moment but the descriptions sound great - lots of black body con and supermodels galore. All I've got in the way of pictures is this one of him:

In which he looks super cool of course, almost like Yohji Yamamoto - when I first saw it on the London Fashion Week website for a split second I thought he was Japanese - but he's Turkish as it turns out, hurrah! I like him already.

I'm not really one for major beauty trends - I think there are only so many ways you can paint a face, after all - and there are times when I think make up artists go overboard and forget that the face is not a palette, not really - so sometimes you see stuff like this, from backstage at the Hakaan show.

Er, Natalia? Is that you? What happened to you? Seriously, anyone who would willingly do that to a gorgeous model like her and then send her out on a catwalk is a bit off to me. Still, I am determined to fall in love with the collection as soon as I see it - I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and see the pictures!

Oh and in other news, if I wasn't already enamoured enough by Naeem Khan's designs, I am now totally in love with them, in an awestruck / little girl sees a movie star in the flesh kind of way. And speaking of which, I had a really nice conversation with him over the phone a little while ago, and I'm going to put the interview up as soon as I wake up tomorrow and collect my thoughts about Khan's new collection a little bit. Because if I say anything now it'll just sound like a bunch of gibberish.


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